Wednesday, May 30, 2012


One more day.  Just ONE MORE DAY.  Thursday.  One.  Yes, that's exactly how many more days of school I have left until summer.  A glorious summer vacation, that I've been waiting for, for... well, about nine months.  A well-deserved summer vacation. 

A much needed summer vacation.

I can't even begin to tell you how I feel about it.  Just that it's here.  IT'S HERE!  YEA!!!

And I've planned some pretty spectacular events for the break.

1.  Wake up every morning.
2.  Order room service.
3.  Check my email.
4.  Pick up a catalog or two and see what's in style at Coldwater Creek and L L Bean.
5.  Lounge in my silk pajamas sipping tea and reading my fan mail.

Sounds pretty realistic, no?

HOWEVER, once I awoke up from my dream, I'd see what really needs to be done. 

1.  Clean house.
2.  Handle my mother's and brother's boxes that have been in my garage for FIVE years.
3.  Get all of my photos into photo albums, even though photo albums are passe' and oh, so out of style.  But I don't care.  I still do photo albums.
4.  Exercise every day.
5.  Observe Rick's physical therapy and speech therapy sessions and try not to answer the questions myself.

HOWEVER, the best laid plans...

Here's what'll really happen...

1.  Wake up at noon.
2.  Go out to lunch.
3.  Nap at three.
4.  Prepare dinner at five.
5.  Shower once a week.

Oh, who am I kidding....

1.  Wake up at noon.

That may be all I have the strength for.  Yep, that'll be enough to try to accomplish for one summer.


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