Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revolving Door

There comes a time in every landlord's life when she has to relinquish a tenant and bring in a new one.  It's the circle of life, I think.  And I've owned my little rental townhouse for four years and I'm on my 4th tenant.  One per year.  Wow.  That circle of life comes around quick.

Current tenant is officially out today.  New tenant comes in on May 19th.  Easy as pie, right?  In fact, it's every person's dream to be able to move in slowly.  Bring your stuff to the new place nice and slow and arrange it all as you go.  Well, that's certainly always been my dream.  And it's really just a dream because as hard as I've tried, it's never, ever happened that way.  And although I promised the new tenant that they could have the keys tonight and start to move in slowly... well, it just ain't gonna be that way here, either.

The old tenant told me that she would be leaving a few things behind.  I was fine with it... especially when she told me what she would be leaving.  I was darn near excited about suddenly coming into a few items that my own house was lacking. 

The list of items being left behind were:  2 twin beds, kitchen breakfast table with 4 chairs, couch, patio table with 4 chairs and the BBQ.

A week later, I was told that the washer and dryer would be left behind, too.

Decent stuff, I've seen it all and the old tenant has high end tastes.

And then... the tenant was gone.  Which is fine.  But somewhere along the way, that list of items left behind got lengthened.  Oh my.  Did it ever.

Suddenly there's a master bed and frame, clothes galore, nightstands, wall art, tv's and on and on.  And the best laid plans just went awry.  Tenant two cannot move in until tenant one's stuff is gone.  And although I like having all of this stuff at my disposal, I do not have a truck, the time, nor the back to move it all.

Tenant two?  Sorry, I tried.  I really did try to give you extra time to move in slowly.  How is July sounding to you?


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