Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday, part... what... 15?

If Monday hadn't been long enough yet, it was about to get even longer.

Rick and I slipped out of the graduation at just the right time.  And we hopped into our car at just the right time.  Headed back home for the one hour drive when we decided to stop at Rudy's BBQ in Denton... at just the right time.  We ate, and continued on our way shortly after, at... again... just the right time.

We reached a certain offramp on the 35E freeway, Swisher Road, and decided to take it.  Swisher Road is a rather new road that leads across a huge lake, Lake Lewisville.  It was now dark so we couldn't dawdle and look at the beautiful lake and boats out there.  No, we kept on our way and got up to Eldorado Blvd.  At just the right time.  Decided to go left rather than right and take a little longer route home.  Yes, that was all planned, too.

And we reached Frisco and missed the turn on Preston, causing us to go a little further on towards Hillcrest, at just the right time.

And heading south on Hillcrest towards our house... I noticed a bright light.  It was a sort of haze around a streetlight.  It hadn't been foggy so the fogginess baffled me.  And as I got closer, I realized what was happening.  There was a young man standing on the grassy knoll in the center of Hillcrest waving to me.  I slammed on my brakes... and stopped.  And then suddenly I noticed the car on fire very close to the young man.  It all happened so fast.  And it all happened at the right time.

I rolled down my window and screamed, "Do you need help?"  And he did.  He nervously said, "Call 911.  My car's on fire!"

Of course, my phone was at home that night.  But Rick's was here and to get to it, I had to pull off the road.  Coincidentally, my church was right across the street and I raced into the parking lot.  I jumped out, dug through everything very quickly and found Rick's phone.  And I called.  And the young man came over to us and we then all waited and watched. 

Timing had been impeccable. 

But had it not been us, this young man would've been fine.  Many people stopped to see if they could assist.  Many people raced to our aid, wondering if there was anyone still in the car.  Fortunately there wasn't but I assured everyone that asked, that if there had been, I would've been diving into the car to get them out.  And yes, I would've. 

And one young guy stopped to warn Rick and I and Jimmy (the driver) to get the heck away from the car... because the fire was now very near to the gas tank.

It was an eventful Monday night.  It was satisfying, helping one young man... a pizza delivery man on his very first day on the job.  It was very comfortable staying with the young man until the firemen arrived to douse the car (it was a complete loss) and then helping him through the interviews and then waiting with him till his family arrived to help him out.

It was a nice day.  It was a full day.  And it was one memorable Monday.

And I'd give anything to know how that pepperoni pizza in his car, on it's way to a customer had fared through the fire...

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