Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And while we were at lunch...

No, he didn't do more leg lifts, but he did give all of his attention to a dog that was just on the other side of the window from where our table was.  We were inside and there was a couple seated on the patio with their large dog that was lying down, except when spoken to and given scraps to.

So Rick and I were having a very nice, quiet lunch at a romantic little hideaway in Frisco, and another couple was doing the same... with their dog.

Needless to say, I couldn't get Rick to pay any attention to me.  That dog stole all of his interest.

Later that night, Rick and I attended his nephew's graduation at UNT Denton.  (Yes, we were very busy on this particular Monday... in fact, hold on to your hats, it will get even busier.)  Rick's sister, the nephew's mother asked how our day had been and what we had done.  Rick told her about our lunch.  I told her that the romance was gone from our marriage.  "How so?" she asked.

"Picture a quaint little restaurant in Frisco.  Very quiet, very romantic.  Picture a dog on the other side of our window.  Picture Rick more interested in the dog than me.  Rick couldn't take his eyes off the dog."

"Rick... how could you?"

"Easy.  The dog was obedient."


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