Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to school

First of all, you need to know that Rick can NEVER remember to do his physical therapy exercises.  And I am forever on him to do them and get his leg back in shape.

Second, you need to know that I'm actually not quite done with school.  Another two days of work and I'll be all done though.  I figured I could do all that at home.  I was wrong, however. 

So, since Rick was just sitting in front of the television yesterday and since I needed to go back into work, I invited him to go with me and then we would go out to lunch afterwards.  Okay, invited wasn't actually the word I used.  Drug him there was more like it.  Either way, he came. 

My boss, Melissa was there yesterday as well.  And because our work can be very lonely with no children around, Melissa came out of her office and joined me in the main area to work.  I sat at my desk, Melissa sat at a little table and worked and Rick sat in one of the guest chairs and ... suddenly decided to do his physical therapy.  Out of the blue, Rick suddenly remembered that he had some leg lifts to do.

Yes, the man did leg lifts.  I could've died.

And when I asked him to stop?  He simply said, "Can't.  You're always on me to do them... I'm gonna do them."  And he did.

And I died.

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