Sunday, June 3, 2012

physical therapy

After Rick's stroke (and yes, I'm now convinced it was a small stroke) he qualified for in-home physical therapy and speech therapy.  Two things that I am thrilled he is getting.  However, the physical therapy came to an end on Friday. 

Today, though, we got a call today from Day, Rick's physical therapist, and she was thrilled to tell us that Rick has qualified for one more week of in-home physical therapy.  This is big news and I couldn't wait to tell Rick.

"Rick!  You're physical therapist called to say she's coming back.  She's going to work with you again."

Rick paused and looked at me very curiously.

"When did she go to work with me before?"


"When am I going to work?  Wait, I have to go to workI have to go back to work?????"

Sigh.  I thought he just had memory problems.  I think I need to have his hearing checked, too...

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