Sunday, June 17, 2012

my employment

So, I turned down the new job. 

I had a great interview, I met some great people and I felt like I would've really, really liked it there.  But the exact person I would've worked for (who was NOT there for the interview) is the one who caused me concern.  The only one, but still there was concern.  She is a micro-manager and a clock watcher.  I am a rule-breaker and I run habitually late.  I'm just not in the mood to be micro-managed anymore.

So, I declined.  Did I even mention that I was offered the job??  I can't remember.

Anyway... word got back to my former micro-managing boss, who, I learned, was on an Alaskan cruise.  Her text to me was simply, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

I texted her back that I had had a great interview, enjoyed everyone I'd met, loved the office... but I felt the time just wasn't right.  I sugar-coated it a bit, saying that with Rick's current health problems (and there have been a few since his stroke) that it just wasn't a good time for me to change jobs.  It just wasn't.  What if I needed to take time off to take him to the doctor?  What if he got sick?

WHAT IF I NEEDED TO MAKE A SONIC RUN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY?  Yes, that is the more important question.  I have that freedom now and I just can't work anywhere where I can't get up and leave when I feel like it.

I sure wish I'd had this job when I was younger!!  Heck, I love being unsupervised...  Oh wait, I used to work for Warner Bros.  I know how to escape when the mood strikes me...

So, I replied back to my former boss.  And she replied back...  scolding me that she wished I'd called her first, before turning the job down.  She said we could've worked it all out.  Only she didn't say it even that nice.  She truly scolded me.


She also said she'd call me when she got back to town.  I'm already shaking.  Is it bad to be scared because you turned a job down??? 

Gosh, I don't dare tell her that I've got my hat in the ring for the attendance clerk job at another school...  she'd scold me for that, too, I'm sure.

Do you suppose I should tell her that I would never have even once been on time to work?  Yeah, she'd have liked that.  I might've brought her a Sonic drink, though.



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