Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've just completed a good year at work.  I had a good schedule and I worked with some great people.  I learned that I'd be getting a raise in September and I was told that I would probably, most likely, be keeping my schedule for next year.  I was happy as I left work on the last day and headed home for the summer.  I even looked forward to returning in August. 

Then the attendance clerk at one of my favorite schools quit.  There was suddenly an office position open at my favorite school.  And I wanted it.  And I applied.

Then, later that same day, I received a call from one of my former bosses... that there was an opening at an elementary school just THREE BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE!  And, in a school district I was dying to work for.  One that is darn near impossible to get into.  The call came from my former boss (five years ago) and she wanted me to come work for her.

I was flattered.

But when I made my pros and cons list... everything still pointed to me working in the job I already had.

That didn't stop me from interviewing, though.  And today I did just that.  I interviewed for the job that is THREE BLOCKS from my house, with the boss (Diagnostician) that I worked for five years ago.

And now I don't have any clue what to do, what I want or probably even what my name is.  All I really know is that if I take that job, I will somehow have to find a way to collect all of my mousepads from all of my current schools.  I like my mousepads.  And what if the new school doesn't give me fun mousepads?

Sigh.  Life just can't stay uncomplicated.

Love, Sue.


Crazy mom of 5 said...
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Crazy mom of 5 said...

so did you take a job in our hood? what is it? I got kids at that school lady, I need details and would love to have ya..