Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We've got babies!

I know this is tough to see... but we've got life above our front door!

First, remember the mama bird?  Peeking in at us all the time?

And then holding some sort of nesting material in her beak?

Well, we've spotted a little head.  Squint and see if you can see the baby bird.  Yep, that little blob to her right is her first born.  Or second born, since there are two little babies above our front door.

We are so proud.  Surprised, but proud.  And I don't know why we're surprised... we knew it'd happen sooner or later.  I guess we're surprised that the entire family fits above our door.

This is the mama bird bending over feeding said young'un.

Upright again.

And... hard to see... but when the mama bird took a potty break or went out to lunch or ran to the grocery store... papa bird flew in and kept watch till his beloved returned.  Yes, papa bird is very much involved in this family. 

Papa bird doesn't like us, either.  Papa never takes his eyes off of us when he's on duty.  I practically hold my breath so that he doesn't report to mama bird about me.

Can you see him there way to the left?  Actually he's about in the center of the photo... just peering in at us. 

We are pretty threatening.

Should we charge them rent? 

I mean, I am their landlord.... sort of.


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