Monday, July 16, 2012

So, I'm on my way to see my sister in law and walk off my breakfast... and tell her about my new job... when the phone rings. 

Before I tell you who was on the phone, I'm going to back up and tell you that I was still struggling with this whole 'new job' thing.  I hadn't been seeking a new job, it had just fallen in my lap.  Seriously.  I'd just had a great year at my current job and was looking forward to a repeat performance.  So why on earth did I want to change?  Oh yeah, more money.  Closer to home.  Better school district.  Better hours.  And did I mention more money?  Plus, they wanted me.  THEY CALLED ME!

And because of all of that clutter going on in my head, I decided to give this all over to God.  I really hadn't consulted Him about all of this (kept meaning to, though) and figured it was about time.  And as I drove, I prayed.

"God, it's not too late.  If this is not what You feel is best for me, please stop this process.  Put up a roadblock.  Or... give me peace.  I'm not in turmoil over the decision, I'm fine with it, but I'm seeking your peace."

And before I finished my prayer...  the phone ring.  Yes, it did.

It was my new job.  It really was.

Although I didn't think too much of it at first.  I'd been receiving a few phone calls giving me some instructions on what to do next, etc.  This phone call was different, though.  It was the principal of the school that I was going to and she started off with, "Now don't freak out... but we have a glitch."

I would never have freaked out.  I was seeking some answers and I knew this might be one for me.

As the conversation went on I learned that I would not be getting the job that I had been offered and turned down and then offered again.  There was a person that had to go into that job.  I was now being offered a different job.  A totally different job.  Same school, different job.  I was still wanted... I was just wanted in a new capacity.

I still didn't freak out.  In fact, I saw it as the answer to my prayer, to my questions, to my life.  I would not go.  I didn't want to go.  I would stay at my current job.  I like my current job.

Yet I was sad.  I think I had come to a resolution... or something.

I asked for a couple of hours to think about it.  I was granted that.  And I headed to the mall.  And walked and walked and walked.  And walked some more.  My sister in law told me the answer was obvious.  I was being told that I was not to take the job.  I agreed.  I wasn't sure I wanted that other job and now I didn't have it, anyway.


And yet I was still feeling sad.

I called the principal back, ready to give my explanation as to why I was declining and something came over me.  Words came out of my mouth that I didn't know I was saying.  And I found myself intrigued.  This job was not a "summers off" job.  No, I would have to work one day a week throughout the summer.  Crazy.  I mean, why would I want that?  And yet, I still found myself accepting this job.  Which I did.

And the rest of the day was a blur.  I don't know why I accepted the job, I don't even remember doing it, really.  I then called my former boss and asked her if I'd even like this job.  She said I would.

And I was completely at peace with my decision when my former boss (soon to be my current boss) said, "You know, you'll have your own office...."


That's all I've ever wanted in life.  My own office.  With a door.  That closed.  That opened. 

The part that I wasn't expecting though was that I was to start in three days.  Very unsettling.  I mean, I was right in the middle of my summer vacation, just minding my own business and suddenly I HAVE TO GO TO WORK????  YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!!!

But, you know what?  I'm excited.  Go figure.  Must be that 'own office' thing.  I can't get there fast enough!


Just when I'd earned my 5 year pin at my current job.  Which is now my old job.  The job where my head didn't spin... but I didn't have my own office.  I didn't even have my own desk.  But I had a pin!

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