Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Universe is Still Messing With Me

On my way to meeting my sister in law for a workout at the mall (no, not a retail workout... a mega-walk through a huge mall early in the morning) I got a phone call.  Yes, another phone call.  And my life changed once again.  It took yet another turn down another very twisted alley.

But that's tomorrow's story and today's tease.

So I met my sis in law and we walked and we walked and we walked.  We did three laps before we even considered stopping to shop.  Actually I'd considered stopping many times but Linda hadn;t quite considered it yet.  But eventually, we did get to stop from our mad tirade of walking the mall and trying not to bump into the other walkers doing the same thing.

We stopped at the JC Penney Outlet Store in the Grapevine Mills Mall (an exact copy of the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, for my California friends) and peeked around a little.  Linda was looking at backpacks and I found, what else, the furniture department.  I bounced up and down on all of the couches and chairs and only bought one chair.  Yea, me!  Linda bought a backpack, I bought a dining room table chair.  Guess who had the harder time getting her purchase to the car?

But somewhere in our buying spree, Linda came to the conclusion that she'd like to work at that fabulous store and get a fabulous discount on fabulous things like backpacks and dining room chairs.  And off she headed to HR to turn in an application.  I headed off to the shoe department.  By the time Linda and I met up again, I'd found more than one wonderful pair of tennies, but purchased only one and stuffed them into my own backpack.  We then headed off to lunch at a nearby Chili's.

At Chili's, Linda confessed that she had almost bought some dish towels while she was wandering around the store looking for me after filling out the application.  I confessed that inside my backpack was a pair of tennies that had called out my name.

Linda looked at me funny.  And then she looked at me some more.

"You have tennis shoes inside your backpack?  YOU STOLE TENNIS SHOES???"

Did I ever say I stole them?  Thank you, Linda, for your confidence in me and my core values.

All I could say was, "Uh, no.  I didn't even consider that.  But thank you for thinking I did..."

Geesh.  Sisters in law.  Some need to be hung or chased out of town.  I'd do it myself but my tennis shoes are still tied together at the ankles. 

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