Monday, July 2, 2012

The story continues... part one

I'm sure you're tired of seeing my little charges here... but it's been such a big part of our lives that I just have to show you how they've grown.  And how quickly, too...

Here's mom standing over one of her little guys.  The babies are so stinkin' cute still sitting in that nest, not knowing that there's a whole big world out there beyong that ledge.

Mom never takes her eyes off of her babies.  She's a very good mom.  When she leaves the nest each morning, and might I add that it's for all of five minutes, dad flies in from the trees and stands on the ledge, in charge.  The babies are never unwatched.  Never unsupervised.

Mom will only take her eyes off of her kiddos... if we're doing something interesting inside.  Not that we ever do anything interesting... but she doesn't know that.  She thinks we're worth watching.  She thinks we're a hoot!

But her eyes always go right back to Junior and Junior #2.

And then ... all of a sudden ...

Junior and Junior #2 got big.  No, they got HUGE.  It took about two weeks... but they suddenly became full grown!  I am not kidding you.

Here's one of the little peeping toms now...

Peeping Tom #1 is standing.  Peeping Tom #2 is a bit more discreet.  He's still hunkered down in the nest.  Pretending that he's not really looking in on us.

Sorry if you're about birded out... but I just love these little guys.  I wish I could bring them inside to keep them safe and warm.

Wait... bring them inside where it's cool.  It's 104 degrees outside.  I'm sure they're warm.


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