Sunday, July 29, 2012

The back story...

In Tucson, Elizabeth took us on a shooting spree.  Well, a photo shooting spree, anyway.  Rick had his camera ready and got out of our little car to take in the sights.  And the cacti.  Or cactussesses as I tend to call them.  Liz will always correct me, though. 

Everything looks absolutely normal as Rick focuses and then shoots.

What you aren't seeing, though, is what it takes from us to help Rick get a simple photo of a single cactus.

Yes, Liz is holding him up.  If the ground is the slightest bit slanted, Rick could fall.

But, this still isn't the best part of the story.

    Without their knowledge, I noticed their combined shadows.  I referred to it as a two-headed monster.

I didn't notice, though, that Liz had noticed.  But she had.  And this what MY camera captured.

I was in for a surprise when I got back in the car and checked my shots.

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