Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm back!

Well, not quite.  Tonight we're in Sweetwater, Texas.  Just a mere four hours from home.  Just couldn't make the last four hours tonight.  We could've actually, but I just didn't want to.  The Holiday Inn I saw in Sweetwater just kept beckoning to me so I told Rick that my legs had gone numb and if he wanted to arrive home in one piece, he'd let me stop and sleep.  Actually, I saw Sonic off to the side of the road and that was beckoning me more... but I knew he'd never forgive me for stopping just for a pink limeade.

So here we are.  At midnight.  Just four hours from home... and tired and cranky. 

Lots of tales to tell, lots of photos to share ('cept people hate pictures, so I'll only select the very most important ones.  No, really, I will.  No, really) and lots of news to impart.

But it's midnight here and well, Sweetwater is just now coming to life.  So I've gotta run.  'Cuz who wants to be stuck in their room in the middle of Sweetwater, Texas?  Seriously...

Before I run out and enjoy the nightlife here I do want to share one tale with you.  Happened just tonight...  Rick was dying for some KFC.  He even said, "There hasn't been one KFC on our trip yet... Just in Tucson."   Mind you, we were in Tucson for two weeks and he never once asked for KFC.  But we were in Midland, Texas now and I knew there'd be one somewhere and I was going to find it.  I was determined to prove him wrong, too.  So off I went.  I drove TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES off the freeway, off the beaten path, out of our way, INTO NOWHERE, just to find Rick the KFC that my GPS said existed.

And I found it.  Yes, 25 minutes in the opposite direction of the freeway.

And you know what Rick said when we drove into the parking lot of Midland's one and only KFC????

"I think I'd rather have Taco Bell."

Those mashed potatoes looked good on his head.

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