Monday, August 6, 2012

flying home

It's Monday and life in the Kahle household just gets crazier all the time.

We raced home from our trip on Saturday, trying to get home by 1:00 so we could pick up our mail... and the dog.  We had an hour leeway for getting the doggy.  Her kennel didn't close until 2:00.  I broke a few speed laws, having left from Sweetwater, Texas a bit late on Saturday morning.  But I drove fast, avoided those pesky policemen (I'd already been stopped twice the day before...) and made it to our post office with about five minutes to spare.  Seriously.

And what did I learn when I got to the post office?  That our mail was being held at a satellite office in another part of Frisco instead.  However, that satellite office is not open to the public.  Great.  I was given a phone number though to call them and see if they could bring my mail back... or if... just maybe... they'd let me go there and get my mail.  Maybe.

So I called.  And I pled my case.  I used every trick in the book including the stroke that my husband had just had that made him unable to come and get the mail on Monday so I just HAD TO HAVE IT TODAY!  And since the supervisor had just stepped out for lunch, the gal on the phone took my number and said she'd call me back and she'd tell the supervisor my hard luck story.  There was hope.  And I then headed off to spring Midnight from her prison.  I broke a few speed laws to get her by 2:00, too.  Life is always a bit frazzled for us Kahles.

Got the dog and got home and waited for the call, which did come.  The lady on the phone seemed excited to tell me that they had come up with a solution... our mail would be delivered to our house on Monday.  Well that wasn't the answer I wanted, but what could I say other than, "thanks."

So today is Monday.  And ... no mail showed up at our house, except for four bills in our mailbox.  Rick seemed fine with that... thinking that that was all the mail that we'd gotten in fourteen days. 

Really, Rick?

I got home from work around 5:00 (yes, I'm already back at work... sadly) and found out that the mail had never shown up... and I called that little satellite office once again.  How surprising... they could not find our mail anywhere.  The gal told me that maybe, just maybe, the mail had been acidentally transferred back to the main post office.  Great.  It was 5:00 and I knew they'd be closed already.  But I hoped against hope and called them as well.

It was there.  Of course it was.  It was NEVER supposed to be there, but there it sat.  I got lucky though... the post office said if I could get there by 5:45, they'd give me my mail.  5:45 was getting mighty close but I'm good at breaking speed laws... and I got there at 5:43.  TWO WHOLE MINUTES TO SPARE!!!  Yea me. 

And yes, I brought home our mail.  TONS AND TONS OF MAIL.  Wait, let me rephrase that... TONS AND TONS OF BILLS.

And do you know what Rick said when he saw all the bills?

"What'd you have to go and pick all those up for????  I was doing just fine with just these four bills here."

You know what?  So was I.


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