Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm hot, too!

First it was Ellen DeGeneres and now it's Betty White.  I'll never know how Ellen found my little Twitter profile but I enjoy reading all of her thoughts on her show...  I also have no idea how Betty and the girls found me.  But I'm going to enjoy Betty's thoughts about my ramblings on Twitter.

Wait...  HotinCleveland THREE????   Something looks fishy here.  It isn't Ellen one, two or three...  Why is is HotinCleveland three????

Must be all of those spam tweets that I had for awhile.  That must've drawn in this nut person. 

Oh well, maybe HotinCleveland three just wanted to know what Ellen was up to.  You know I do have the inside link...

Or, maybe it really just is hot... in Cleveland.  It's hot here, too.

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