Saturday, September 1, 2012

counting down

I called Rick's surgeon every day this week, trying to get a time out of him for the impending surgery.  Yes, I really called every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  Sometimes three.  Okay, not really three.  Make that five.  Yes, I did get quite antsy trying to plan my life for the upcoming week.  I needed to know, okay??

Each time I was simply told, "Not until Friday.  The doctor will decide the time on Friday."  Okay, really?  Friday?  Just ONE business day prior to the actual surgery?  Yeesh. 

So Friday comes and I had Rick on the phone at exactly 9:00 AM saying, "Well?  Well?"  You'd think they'd just tell us the time so we'd quit calling.  But... no.  9:00 came and still no time.  It was the same old thing... "The doctor will call you when a time is selected."

Patience is not my best virtue.  I don't think it's a virtue of mine at all, come to think of it.  But I exercised some here... and waited until noon to call again.  Drat.  They were all at lunch.  1:00 came.  Still at lunch.  2:00 came and Rick called me. 

"I finally got to talk to the nurse in charge."


"That the doctor will let me know when he selects a time."

"Uh, really?  I mean, really, Rick?"

"Yeah.  But she did say the doctor was working on my time now."

"And you called to tell me that we still don't know the time?"

* * * *

3:00 came.  3:30 came.  I was chomping at the bit here.  I NEEDED TO KNOW!  I needed to know if I was going to work on Tuesday or not.  And given that there is a holiday on Monday... I needed to know NOW!

I had Rick call again.  At 4:00.  We were now only one hour away from the close of all business on Friday ... and Rick's surgery was on the very next business day.  And finally, finally, FINALLY, we got an answer.

Rick's surgery is scheduled for 5:45 AM on Tuesday.  5:45.  A. M.   FIVE FORTY FIVE AA MM.


And now that I know the time?  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  The thrill is gone.  I have nothing to live for anymore.


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