Monday, September 3, 2012

Vera Bradley, I think

I did some shopping (surprise, surprise) and came home with a Vera Bradley tablecloth for our little kitchen table.  Cute, no?  'Cept for the wrinkles.  Try to ignore those.  I do.


Here's the border around the edge.  Still cute, no?

Well, it's so darn cute that I feared for its life.  Knowing my little family and their splendid eating habits and perfect manners, I knew that I was going to need to protect my valuable little find.  I needed a coat of armor for my little tablecloth.
And I went shopping again.
I came home with a coat of armor all right.  I found another tablecloth, the same size, in clear plastic to lay on top of my priceless Vera Bradley original that lay on top of my little kitchen table.
Not too bad, eh?  I didn't think so, either.  Rick had a differing opinion. 


"I think my grandmother used to have a set up like this at her house.  I think she had these all over her furniture, too."   Thanks, Rick.

I'm not sure, but I think his next comment was, "My eyes!  My eyes!  I'm blinded by the glare!"

I showed him.  I decorated the top just to show him how good this tablecloth get up could really look.

Yeah, I think MY grandmother would've appreciated it, now....

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