Tuesday, September 4, 2012

D Day

Or more accurately, S Day

Be thinking about us today.   We are reporting to Baylor Hospital in Frisco at 5:45 AM.  FIVE FORTY-FIVE A. M.  In the morning.  VERY early in the morning.
Not sure what to expect today.  But I'll have two dear friends and my brother-in-law waiting with me throughout the surgery.  Rick'll be there, too, of course.  But he won't be very good company.  He'll most likely be snoozing away.  He's such a party pooper.
My plan is to be able to return to my work at noon-ish.  My fingers are crossed that all will go well enough for that to happen.  And it should.  When Rick had his right hip replaced, it went perfectly.  And he remained in the hospital for only four days.  I'm expecting the same.  When he had his right knee replaced, well, that turned into a thirty-two days hospital stay... but that's another story entirely.
So, here we go.  Embarking on yet another Rick adventure. 
Life is always exciting when you're married to Rick.

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