Monday, September 17, 2012

del taco

I love Del Taco.  I do.  And I was very excited when Del Taco came to Frisco.  I was.  And I was right there on opening day to welcome them to town.  I was, again.

And the food is everything I remember.  It is.

The service is not.  No, it isn't.  Not by a long shot.

I've frequented Del Taco, though, about fifteen times since they've come to town and not once have I had a perfect order.  I haven't.  I forgive them though, 'cause they're still awesome in my book.  And I keep going back.

Thursday was no exception.  I headed there for lunch on my lunch hour and true to Del Taco form, got the same service that I've come to expect from the Frisco Del Taco.  Darn it.  I SO want them to be revered in our little city like I know they can be.

My order that day was not exceptional.  Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla with no green sauce and a Deluxe Del Beef Burrito with no sour cream.  I've ordered that same order before.  Many times before.  I wasn't throwing them a curve ball, I promise.

And because the list of infractions are too multiple to list here... I'll simply say that I did not walk away with the above mentioned order.  Not even close.  Not even after spending many minutes correcting the clerks and cooks about what exactly my order should be.

The wait time to get my order correct... er, incorrect... was unforgivable, though.  My entire lunch hour was spent in that drive thru lane.  But, it didn't go unnoticed by the gal at the window.  She felt terrible about it and wanted to make it up to me.  She said, "I've put some coupons in your bag to make up for the delay."  And I thanked her and went on my way.

Here's what she gave me:



Oh, so maybe THIS was the bargain she'd wanted me to see...

Still no?  You mean, the above coupons wouldn't want to make you nominate Del Taco for Customer Service of The Year?

Well, then.  How about these?

I sure think these made up for the unspeakable delay.  Truly I do.  They make me want to run right back and beg them to cook for me again.

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