Friday, September 28, 2012

I done gradjiated!

Since I have a new job now, I had to obtain a copy of my college
transcripts and turn them in to our Human Resources department.  I guess they need proof that I actually did go to school and am not just claiming that I did.  'Cuz I'm like that.  I love to tell people that I went to school and see if they believe me.

Above is a blip of what I had transferred over to my new job, from my old job. 

Honestly, I hadn't even peeked at these in a number of years.  Lots of numbers of years, in fact.  I'd forgotten about some of the courses I'd taken, even.

Don't strain your eyes too hard, though.  I'm going to show you some of the hightlights myself, you know, to impress you.  'Cuz you will be impressed, I guarantee it.

See the important classes I took?  Intermediate Tap Dance.  Yep.  Intermediate, even.  I was WAY too good for beginning.  Heck, I was a tap dancing fool back then.  Yes, I was.  No, really.

I even got an A.    Should've been an A+ but maybe I skipped school once or twice and couldn't quite obtain that "+".

Wanna see something even better?  Look below at an even MORE important class I took.  Yes, you will wonder why I only have a Bachelor's Degree.  For Heaven's sake, I should have my PHD!

Yes, I took Disco Dancing.  In college.  I'm not all that proud of that A...  I'm not even proud of having taken that goofy class.

Still, I'm sure I should have had an A+, again.  Darn.

But, here's something that I'm sure no one else took in college.  Not only am I sure no one else took it... I'm sure you'll be honored just to know someone who took this class.  It's not often you meet someone of MY calibur... someone who excelled in this:

Can you even believe it??????  I took, and I'm sure ACED, "Advanced Standing," thank you very much.

Now in case you are wondering just what any of this has to do with absolutely anything... well, seeing these transcripts again has caused me to have a recurring dream... again... one that comes upon me all the time and ruins my entire night and the entire day following.

Yes, I dreamed I was in college again.  And hadn't been to class in WAY TOO LONG and, of course, there was a final exam looming, and, of course, I hadn't studied nor had even attended the class.  In fact, I wasn't even sure WHERE the class was held!! 

Not that any of this really happened. 

No, really... 

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