Sunday, September 30, 2012

shooby dooby do

Including the two pair I bought today, the total damage I caused, the total number of shoes I bought during all of my "retail therapy" days while Rick was in the hospital is ... twelve pair.  Or 24 shoes.  Wait, twelve sounds smaller.  Better stick with that. 

Yes, instead of pity parties, I took myself shopping.  And I seemed to zero in on shoes.  I zeroed in on twelve brand new pairs, in fact.  Rick was in the hospital for 20 days... so honestly, I could've done even more damage than I actually did.  I must've missed a few days shopping.  My bad.

I have a dilemna now.  I don't have enough feet!

So, back out I go.  To do more shopping.  'Cuz I've gotta have feet.  A lot more feet!


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