Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Rick's incision has begun to heal and we know this because of the itching he's having to endure right in that area. He's miserable, I'm thrilled.  Well, I'm not thrilled that he's miserable.  I'm so glad the healing is finally happening. However, with the healing and itching, there's more swelling. So much so that ice packs have been brought in to unswell his leg. Unswell. Yep, that's a word...

And as uneloquent as I am with words, this hospital is more uneloquent with their methods of unswelling.

See these?  Yep  Igloo ice chests.  Plain ol' ice chests.  Filled with ice and then that ice is wrapped in a plain ol' hand towel and slapped on Rick's leg.  It works, I guess.  But it sure seems like a hospital this nice would employ more sophisticated methods of unswelling someone's leg.

And if you think my uneloquentness is a sight to behold, wait till you hear this...
Not only do the nurses schlepp these Igloo coolers down the hall to a little kitchen to empty the melted ice and fill them up with lots of new little cubes, one nurse offered a drink to Midnight.  Right out of the cooler.  And you know what?  Midnight took her up on it.  That dog slurped and slurped until one of those coolers was darn near empty.
Sanitary, you ask?  Yeah, just what I was thinking, too.  So much for keeping dog germs out of Rick's incision.

Midnight?  She didn't care.  She just smiled at the room service she was offered. 

And then she asked for a sandwich and a beer.  Part of me was expecting the nurse to bring it to her.


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