Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wicked Witch of The West

That's me.  I'm not really wicked, well, not always anyway... but I did melt today.  Actually I had a meltdown.  Having your husband in the hospital for 17 days will do that to you.  And apparently it did.

I thought I was holding it all together just fine.  But somewhere in between an 11:30 phone call and lunch at noon, one of my coworkers walked in and found me in tears.  It had all begun to weigh on me just a little too heavy. 

I tried to explain it away as simply being tired ... but I guess she knew better.  And she simply hugged me and told me that I needed to take my own advice.

Say what?

Yep, she told me that I needed to read my own book.  She said, "It's just like you said in your book..."  She would've finished that sentence right then if I hadn't interrupted her with another "Say what?"  And, "Tell me what I said in the book!!"

She told me that I made it clear in the book that I needed to take care of me.  And I decided to listen.

I hadn't had a chance to shower this morning... so I went home at lunch and did just that.  I showered.  I started the day over, even though it was nearly 1:00.  I returned to work with a fresher outlook.  Certainly a cleaner one.

And then you know what I did after work?

I went house shopping.  I called my realtor and told her I wanted to see some property.

Shut up.  That always makes me feel better.  And don't tell Rick... or else I'll really be crying!  He'd see to it.


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