Monday, October 8, 2012

allow me to 'splain

It started with a violent itch that climbed up the back of my throat and then suddenly a few of my limbs were trying to give out. It wasn't long before I went ahead and waved a white flag and sat back with a few games of solitaire, free cell and blitz before trying to gather the strength for a play rehearsal later in the day, followed by a cast part later in the evening.  Dang cold.

The temperature took a dive from the mid 80s to 50 degrees which may've accounted for part of it.  Being run down may've accounted for part of it, too.

Being crazy probably explains it best, though.

Yes, I'm working at a new job, directing a dinner theatre show, (which, by the way, tickets go on sale for next week) taking care of a recovering husband and running a household.  Running it poorly, I might add.  The house is a mess, the fridge is empty and the laundry is stacked sky high.  And I've had three sales on Etsy and eBay this week that I've had to make post office runs for.  The bills are unpaid, the dog food bin is empty and the dishes from some other week are staring me down.  And, because it knows I hate it, one of my smoke alarms started beeping again.  And my toe is broke.  Thank you, large can of pineapple juice.

So, crazy I am, for taking on a dinner theatre show that goes up in six weeks.  Crazy I am for trying to host a party amidst all of this disfunction in my home.  And crazy I am for thinking I could manage it all and try to keep it all together.

But you know what?  Rick climbed the stairs last night.  True, I was right behind him, just in case... but he climbed them.  All 16 of them.  And he did it better than I did.

Rick was not going to be left out of the video viewing in our media room and that's all there was to it.

And you know what?  Nothing else even mattered. 


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