Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I missed it...

I got home from work today and noticed that Rick was not in his familiar seat in the family room.  Not seated in his recliner about 10 feet from the TV with a remote glued to his right hand.  Nope, not there.  No worries, I knew he was in the bathroom.  He's there a lot.

It didn't register with me that his wheelchair was sitting idol next to the couch.  It also didn't register with me that his walker was on the other side of the couch.  Nope, it didn't seem odd in the slightest.  In fact, it was so un-odd that I pulled his walker up closer to where he normally sits on the couch and arranged it in a way that he could eat his dinner off of it.  Yes, I was ready for him to return.  And eat the dinner I brought home for him.

And suddenly I saw him standing in the doorway of our family room, having exited our bedroom.  He stood there for a few moments until it finally did register with me.  Rick was up and on his cane.  Not supposed to be yet... but he was.  And very successfully at it as well.

The walker is still beside the couch just in case.  The wheelchair now resides in our laundry room and helped me bring all of folded clothes back to the bedroom today.  And the cane?  It lives just a few inches from Rick's hand.  Yes, he's mobile again.  A regular person would've been up and on a cane about two weeks ago but for Rick, he has to take it a bit slower.  But this is still fast for him.

I'm going to have to hide his car keys 'cause I know there's no stopping him now.  He'll be bringing me Sonic drinks in no time.  Whoo hoo!


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