Friday, October 12, 2012

ho ho ho... happy halloween

It all started when I was out shopping for a set piece for the play that I'm directing.  No, wait, it all started when I accepted the directorial spot for the play that I'm directing.  (That's not redundant at all...)

No, wait.  It all started five years ago when I began attending this particular church.  Or did it start when we first moved to Texas?  Perhaps it all started in California...  Either which way, it all started.  And here I am today.  Wait.  Where was I?

Oh yeah, Halloween. 

So, I'm out shopping for a Christmas tree.  I needed a particular Christmas tree, too.  Not just any big, fluffy and beautiful tree.  This one had to be a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.  And what do you know?  I found one!  Ain't it cute?  Actually, I mean that.  I think it really is.

So much so... that I've decided that THIS will be MY Christmas tree this year. 

AND.... I'm putting it up NOW... in the middle of October. 

Oh, wait.  It's not EVEN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER YET!!! 

So, on October 12, 2012, let it be known that my tree is up.  Out of the box and standing in my living room.  Undecorated, but still.

Now... here's the problem.  Walking through Kohl's and seeing all of the Christmas stuff out on display there, I saw this little face looking at me... and just calling my name.  Yes, he was. 

And yes, he came home with me.  He's cute, too.  I named him Frosty.  Just to confuse people.  Well... his nose wasn't red so I couldn't call him Prancer...

I am now all set for Christmas.  Frosty and Charlie Brown are all set, too.

Presents can be sent to my home in Frisco.  Money is accepted, too.  And food... send it on over!  I'm in a party mood.

And Halloween?  Forget it.  I'm already planning my spring break.

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