Wednesday, October 3, 2012

shopping till i drop

I am still retail therapy-ing... because, hey, I want to.  Rick is still recovering and I need to get out of my house once in awhile.  Okay, all the time.  And shopping just keeps calling my name.

Tonight, I couldn't go out to shop, though.  So I stayed in and shopped!  It worked, it worked.  I'm not choosy... just as long as I can shop.

So me and eBay made friends again.  First up... shopping for purses.  Just because.  Because I certainly don't have enough purses in my possession.  I really don't.

This little number caught my eye.  By now you must know that I am irritated by spelling and grammar errors.  I got my fill here.

First of all... this purse apparently will make me more outstanding.  More than I already am?  Great!
But... I show my beauty totally in my life.  So, why do I need this purse?
I have no idea what 'handbags as the girl indispensable tie-in decoration' means, but I'm glad that this purse has a fashionable tide. 
The good news?  The syle is guaranteed to be the same as shown in the pictures.  The bad news?  But not the same on different bodies as on the model.  And that's me.  Different body.
Translated - if you don't look like the model, this purse will not be guaranteed to be the same.  Cuz my body be different than the model's.  My taste in purses be different, too.  So take that, different body. 
Oh well.  100% stylish is just not for me, I guess.  But that doesn't matter, because I like to take my purses indoors... and this purse is only for the outdoors.

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