Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I'm told that it's 1,469 days until the next election.  I think I can hold on that long.  I think.  No, I'm sure.

In just four short years...

I will have been at my "new" job for four years.
I will have finally adjusted to being a senior citizen.  I hope.
My daughter will have completed college, finally.
My old dog Midnight will probably still be with us... and still barking whenever we tell her that someone's at the door... even though no one ever really is.

Rick will still be begging me to let him move to a retirement home... and I'll still be saying no.
My mother in law will still be planning to sell her house and move to Texas.
I'll still be directing the Christmas plays at my church.  But I'll have decided to add in an Easter play and a Fourth of July one as well.  Just to keep myself busy.
I'll still be on a diet.


Marie Callender's will have finally come to Frisco.

My life will be complete.

Maybe I'll run for president then.  Couldn't hurt.  Free Cherry Limeades for everyone!!

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