Saturday, November 10, 2012

6 AM Saturday Morning

On any given day of the workweek, I cannot drag my behind out of bed.  At 7 AM.  Or 7:15.  Sometimes even 7:30.

On any given Saturday... 6 AM arrives and I'm wide awake.  Today was no different.

It was dark outside and I was up and rarin' to go. 

Onto my computer I went.  I was wide awake.  I had plans.  I had some ebaying to do.  I had some games to play.  I had...  oh, never mind.  Just know that I was up and wide awake.  And it was only a few moments later that I heard a familiar jingling coming from our hallway.  Rick was up, too.  Not sure why he was up so early.

I said, "Hey, you're up early.  Wanna beat all the crowds and go get some breakfast?"  Rick's walker squeaked a little bit more as he came closer.  But he didn't answer.

I continued, "Le Peep is open this early.  And if you'll bring the grocery store list, we can get a jump on our shopping before I have to head out to my rehearsal today."

Still no answer.

"Rick?  You there?  Go get dressed and let's get going."

Midnight then peeked her head around the corner of the kitchen where I was sitting... she seemed to say, "Uh, I am dressed.  And I'm ready...  for wherever you're gonna drag me to today."

Yes.  I cannot tell the difference between my husband's walker and my dog's tags.

Midnight and I had a nice breakfast together, though.

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