Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just when ~

Just when my life was getting back on track... just when life was looking somewhat normal... just when I could look people in the eye again and not want to run and hide... rain came down on my head.  A thunderstorm was setting up camp right over me.

It started with a simple phonecall from Rick saying, "Something's wrong with my right hip."  Okay, really?  You just got out of the hospital with your other hip being replaced... you've already had that hip replaced... so what's up?  Who knows.  But I'm fearing my dog is gonna be upset again real soon. 

All of this pales in comparison, though, to my daughter's illness acting up.  We couldn't even get ahold of her all weekend and I finally had to round up some of her friends in Tucson to check in on her.  Just as I suspected, Celiac Sprue was rearing its ugly head.  And my emotions were bubbling very close to the top.  I can't even tell you how tired I am of all of the illness that surrounds my family.

My friend Sally was able to get some comfort foods to my daughter and report back that she was on the mend... but not before I was ready to curl up in my bed with a big bag of Cheetos.  Cheetos can fix it all, you know.

And there's a play going on at my church right now that seems to want to hoard all of my time.  I don't have a lot to give but I'm still giving.

My car is squeaking, my house is creaking and two of my sinks are doing anything but leaking.  In fact, just the opposite.  They are holding onto water very tightly and not letting it go.

My dog has forgotten that she's housebroken, I have a house completely void of groceries, yet I'm 200 pounds overweight.  Why won't the Halloween candy go away?  And why won't Rick believe that Hershey's makes a great dinner?

My clothes don't fit and my bank account is overdrawn, not that I'd want to go shopping for new ones right now anyway.

But hey, it's November.  And I love this time of year.  LOVE this time of year.  So rain clouds go away.  NOW!  'Cuz I'm not gonna get wet this time around.  There's an umbrella fixed permanently over my head.

In just three days, I'll have an entire week off of work, complete with two weekends! 

I'll be seeing my daughter on Saturday and staying for a wonderful (okay I'm being a bit optimistic here) gluten free Thanksgiving meal from a very good gluten free restaurant.  We'll be there until Friday.

When we return to Frisco, it'll be the final week of preparing for our show to open.  I like the final weeks.  Everyone's nervous and I enjoy calming them all down.  Plus they're all pretty good peeps to hang out with.

Christmas is closer than I realized... but, believe it or not, I've got my shoppping done.  Good thing, too, since my bank account is kaput.  Maybe that's what did it!

I have an awesome home, creaking or not.  I have an awesome car, squeaking or not.  And I have two awesome sinks... okay, that's going a bit far.  But I do have two sinks.  And an endless supply of water to drink since those sinks are still hanging onto their treasures.

The weather is chilly and the pizza is ordered.  Life is pretty good.  Bad hips, bad sinks, bad dog and all.


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