Monday, November 5, 2012

loop de loop

 My darling daughter is in search of a job.  My darling daughter picked several places that she would like to work at.  My darling daughter selected Curves in Tucson to work at, since she's already a pro at it.  Pro... because she used to work for Curves.  For two years.  Not in Tucson, though.  In Tucson, she wasn't even sure there was a Curves.  Nor where such a place would even be.  Had to Google it.  Yes, it did exist.  Had to Mapquest it.  Yes, she found it.

Check out the address at the beginning of her search and the end of her search.

Point A - her house.   Point G - her house.

How 'bout that?  My daughter wouldn't even have to drive very far to get to Curves...  Oh wait... there sure are a lot of steps in between, just to get to the place that she was already at.

In case you're wondering just how many miles it is from Point A to Point G...  it's 11.17 miles.  But it'll only take her 20 minutes though.  If she makes all the lights.

Just far enough though, that Mapquest thought she might need to know where a restaurant or two or three were... you know, for that long trip from Point A to Point G.  Or even just to Point C.  That one's WAY outta the way.  I wonder if she'll need lodging, too.  Mapquest can help with that, too, I'm sure.
Below is a pretty, pretty picture of the route she'll be taking to work.  Point A doesn't show up on this map.  Because it's located directly below Point G. But no matter.  It'll be a wonderful drive.  She'll see lots of interesting things on her way to work.  She may not even have to get out of her pjs to do so, too.

Wanna know the funniest part?  Curves is not the same Curves that she used to work at in Frisco.  Nope.  Not at all.  It's a "Gentleman's Club".  But she didn't know that.  Or maybe she did. 

Hey wait...  just where does Elizabeth live????


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