Thursday, November 1, 2012

so, no, it ain't all figured out

Patience.  Ah, patience.   Something tells me that I've accidentally prayed for patience, forgetting that God likes to answer that prayer by giving you more, MUCH more to be patient for.  Yes, that'll definitely teach you.  It's sure teaching me, I guess.

1.  Elizabeth's school loan has STILL not funded.  It's November 1st and she's been in school since August.  We've been paying ALL of her fees (and there are many) since AUGUST.  Waiting and waiting and waiting for her loan to fund.  Got word yesterday that it will fund on November 20th.  Uh, she gets OUT of school two weeks later.  Got word today that it won't fund on November 20th after all.  It'll now fund in December IF we jump through nine more hoops.  I won't bore you with the details... but documents keep getting lost at the school among other stupid things.  Today we learned that her money went to the wrong school... and Liz has to supply a letter releasing it, blah, blah, blah.

Job.  I feel like Job.

2.  Rick's ambulance ride to the hospital BACK IN APRIL is still trying to charge us the full amount... instead of the part the insurance hasn't paid.  And they're no longer playing nice about it all.  We are totally right in not paying the full amount but the ambulance company (which is really the City of Frisco) keeps claiming that we are not insured.  And so the battle continues.

Job.  I feel like Job.

3.  We've been trying to get Rick his Veteran's pension for FIFTEEN YEARS.  We finally got to the right people in 2011, June to be exact.  And we were told that this was an open and shut case and it should take approximately three to four months... and the LATEST we would get it all settled, the very latest... would be one year.

I love the letter we got today:

Our claim is pending further review.  Of course it is.

But they are very sorry that it's taken an extended period of time.  Of course they are.
And it's in bold.  They are REALLY sorry, I guess.

Job.  I am Job.

Patience is wearing thin.  In fact, I don't remember even praying for patience.  I prayed for money, though.  Could that be it?  Money actually equals patience?  Patience equals Money? 

So, let me sum this up... I've got a child in a college that I can't afford.  A JUNIOR college, mind you.  I've got a husband deserving of a pension that he can't get and I've got an ambulance bill that I shouldn't have to pay.

I've got it... I'm going to pray that the college and the ambulance company, that they both pray for patience... 'cuz they aren't getting a penny more out of me.  And the Veterans?  They need to pray for patience, too.  Pray that I remain patient.  'Cuz for each day beyond the "said date," we are supposed to get a retro payment...  and for that I can be as patient as they'd like.  Seriously.

So wait... what did Job go through?  I think I'll trade with him.

No wait... Job lost a few people along the way. 

I'll be Kris, thank you very much.  She just has money woes.  And those are just first world problems.  Maybe I really do need patience...

Maybe I'm just hungry.  I've been waiting on a 30 minute pizza I ordered for over an hour now.  If mine ever comes, all of my troubles will be over, I just know it.

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