Tuesday, November 27, 2012

So, what else did I do in Tucson?

I took a lot of trash down to the dumpster...  yes, that was a highlight.

But better than that, I spent my time cleaning countertops, cleaning a shower, unclogging a sink, unclogging a bathtub, grocery shopping, turning a sagging mattress over, blowing up an air mattress, feeding a cat, emptying a litter box, and, of course, caring for a sick child. 

Was it relaxing?  Was it restful?  Actually it was.  I enjoyed myself immensely.  But the best part?  A text from my daughter once I was home and happily settled back into my own bed...

"I took a shower this morning and guess what!! I didn't swim in it! :) When I turned off the water, that was that, I didn't have to hold my breath and scuba dive to find the knob to turn off the water. Thank you so much for unclogging all of my bathroom sinks. You are the best!!"

Yep, I'm still smiling.

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