Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Figgy Pudding, Anyone?

To plan out my Christmas dinner, I took a quick trip over to our local Tom Thumb.  (Yes, that's really what the silly grocery store is called.)  I checked out the hams and the turkeys, careful to keep my daughter's gluten free diet needs in mind as well as my husband's turkey free desire in tow.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a lot of fun when one person flat out refuses to eat the bird.

While shopping, I found something very interesting on sale for the holidays.

Simple enough.  Beef Loin Tenderloin.  Rick would like this.
Rick wouldn't, however, like the price.  I was only kidding when I said that it was on sale.

Check out that price.  Just a mere $102 dollars.  And 95 cents.  True, it IS five pounds... but I just don't feel like this is a bargain, even if it were ten pounds.  Maybe eleven, though.

Oh wait.  It's "peeled side muscle off."  THAT'S the difference.  And yep, that's a deal.  That alone makes it worth a hundred bucks, I guess.

I'd hate to accidentally buy this on the 24th of December and not get around to cooking it until New Year's Eve.  I'd have just wasted $102.95.  And then I'd have to make a new New Year's Resolution.  'Cuz 'saving money' would've just flown right out the window.


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