Monday, December 17, 2012

Super Star

I left In 'N' Out smiling.

Rick and I dined at our local In 'N' Out for the first time the other day.  Oh, we'd driven through several times.  Maybe five or six times.  But I have always wanted to see the inside, just to see if it matched the In 'N' Out that we used to dine at in Glendora, California.  So, I finally convinced Rick to go on and not just zoom through.  So, in we went.

You need to know that Rick goes EVERYWHERE in military clothing.  No, not in fatigues nor dress blues, but he will always have on an Air Force t-shirt and a Vietnam cap along with his olive green bomber jacket with military patches all over it.  Rick is a VERY proud veteran.  Very.

And our trip to In 'N' Out was not out of the ordinary for him.  He was dressed in his usual garb.

We approached the counter and were waited on by Chelsea, a typical high school girl.  Chelsea was not typical in her manner toward Rick though.  She took one look at his garb and excitedly said, "You're a Veteran???"

"Yes, Ma'am," Rick smiled back to her.

"I've never met a Veteran before!" Chelsea squealed.  "You all are super stars to me!"

Rick's smile got even bigger.  Even I was bursting with pride.  Chelsea gave a very good name to teenagers of the world today.


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