Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Rick!

My "Miracle Man" has a birthday on Sunday.
The man who wasn't supposed to turn 45... is turning 60.  Yes, 60.  Even he can't believe it.  Never mind me.  I'm never gonna get over that he actually lived to see 45.  But he did.
Has it been an easy year for him, though?  Nope.  He's lived through a lot in 2012.
 I put him in a play and dressed him up like this...

I sent him to the hospital when he was having a stroke...

 I sent him back to the hospital three additional times this year... and had him put through the rigors of physical therapy.

I drove his best friend to the hospital to see him, too.  It made both of them smile.

Well, Rick didn't always smile.  Sometimes he slept.  And sometimes I took pictures of him sleeping.  Ssh, he'll never know.
But the miracle man is doing just fine now.  And we're all ecstatic that a major milestone is being reached.  A milestone that wasn't supposed to be.  Not at all.
But it is.
Happy Birthday, Rick.  May you live another 60 years!   Wait... let me rethink that one.

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