Friday, December 7, 2012

a rick funny...

Rick bought himself a new alarm clock yesterday, since I stole his and took it to work with me.  Hey, I've gotta have my Christmas carols, you know.

And Rick proudly came home with a fancy little number from Radio Shack.  He opened up the box and showed me his new toy. 

"Look, it's got a dimmer and it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time."

"Mine does that, too..." I said, bursting his bubble that he'd found a real great deal.

"Yeah, but mine has two alarms to wake me up!  One and two."

"Not three and four?"

"Nope, one and two."

And off he trotted to go play with his new electronic bargain... with the two alarm clocks for who knows what.  I guess so that he can get up in time for Good Morning America... 

... and then again for The View.

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