Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Tree is home tonight. 

Her play ended last night and she took her final bow on stage.  Then she piled into my car and headed to her new home, in my living room, right in front of my fireplace.

Doesn't Tree look happy here?

And look... she's still wearing her costime.  I couldn't get it off of her.  She has such fond memories of her acting debut. 

But she stands a bit straighter now and she looks just as proud... in her new role as ornament holder and present protector.  Well, just as soon as she gets some ornaments on her.  And, uh, hopefully some presents beneath her, too.  She's not holding her breath, though.  She knows better. 

I do have one present bought, however. 


This little guy will soon belong to Midnight.  And yes, he also made his acting debut last night.  He played Joseph in our manger scene.  Tree and he will be happy to see each other again.  I hope.  I also hope Midnight will be happy to meet Joseph.  I was told that Joseph was rather scary looking.


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