Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 so far

The year is off to a bang. 
  If today is an example of how the rest of the year is going to go, I'm in big trouble.

Today (just as a random example) started off with Elizabeth and I deciding to take a walk to the Plantation Resort Cafe for breakfast, a mile or two from our house.  Rick and I love to go there for breakfast whenever I'm off and I'll walk, he'll drive and we'll meet up there to dine.  Liz has never been there with us so I convinced her to join us today so we could show it off.  So off she and I go, walking.  And she and I arrived ... but Rick never did.  Finally, as we were getting our seats, he called to say, "Bad news.  The car won't start." 

Harumph.  That meant we would have to walk all that way back home since Rick would not be available to pick us up and drive us back.  And we would've done just that right after breakfast... if the dang restaurant had even been open.  Sadly, it was closed.  Today was considered a slow day so no one mans the restaurant until noon.  It was 10:00.  Harumph again.  And off Liz and I went... back home. 

Rick had already called for a tow truck and announced it was due here in 20 minutes.  Rick had a massage appointment at 1:45.  Should've been plenty of time to make the appointment, once the truck got here. 

Liz and I arrived home at 11:00 am and before we knew it, it was 1:45 and no tow truck had ever shown its face.  Liz took Rick to his appointment in her car and came back while I still waited at home for the tow truck.  2:30 came and I gave up.  I decided to try to start Rick's car myself and drive it to the shop, if I could.  Five minutes of trying to start the car and I was successful.  I jumped in, Liz followed me in her car and off we headed to the shop.  However, just as we were leaving, the goofy tow truck suddenly showed up.  No need for him now, so I sent him away.  What I didn't know was that when I cancelled the tow truck call, he then called our repair shop to tell them that everything was cancelled and once Liz and I arrived at the repair shop, they were no longer expecting us and cancelled our appointment.  Grrrrrrr.

But life went on.  And on.

And once everything was straightened out at the car shop, Liz and I headed off to our next stop ... a gym that she wanted to join that was having a special ... $8.00/month.  Of course that deal was over and the new price was now $50/month.  Thanks but no thanks.  We wasted that little hunk of time.

Once home, we got word that Elizabeth's school loans that we'd been fighting all semester for were no longer being given to her.  We have run into glitch after glitch after glitch already and suddenly there was a whole bunch of new glitches in our way.  Sigh. 

The day just kept getting more depressing as it went on ... until it was all wrapped up with a big bow around 6 pm. 

I had gone out one more time to return a few things from a shopping spree earlier in the week.  I headed to the Allen Outlet Mall and spent about an hour or two there, until it got dark.  On my way home, I jumped on the 121 freeway and headed south towards our home.  There wasn't much traffic out but there was a car behind me that seemed to stay on my tail.  I didn't worry because I would be getting off the freeway soon, at Coit, which I did.  I got off and headed north on Coit.  So did the car behind me.  Wow, what a coincidence, I thought.

I continued north until I made my left onto Jereme, which that one odd car behind me did, too.  Okay, weird.  This car that's been following me must live somewhere near me, I reasoned.  I wasn't bothered by it, yet, but I was wishing he wasn't so close.  I opted to pass up the first street I could turn onto to get to my house, Lakeland, and instead headed to Moss Creek.  So did the other car.  We both turned left onto Moss Creek. 

Surely he couldn't live on my exact street... and I continued on down Moss Creek until I reached Creek Point, my street.  I paused at the stop sign waiting for him to signal that he was turning left, while I prepared to turn right, onto my part of Creek Point.  I took my time turning right, knowing that since this was a small cul de sac, the chances were great that he would turn left, onto the larger part of Creek Point.

He turned right.  He was STILL following me.

I reached my driveway and signaled, KNOWING he'd continue on until the end of the cul de sac.  He didn't.  HE DIDN'T!  He pulled up behind me. 

I turned into my driveway and pretended not to notice.  He pulled up and blocked my driveway, sideways.  Then, as I opened the garage door and waited to go inside, he backed up and parked in front of my house.  The garage door seemed to take forever to open but as I finally was able to enter my garage, I saw him take off and head to the end of the cul de sac.  I watched through my rear view mirror as his red brake lights glowed at the end and he turned around to head back to my house. 

I'm about to die, I thought to myself, I just know it.  And I quickly closed my garage door from my car and then bolted from the car and into my house once it was fully shut.

And now, here we all sit... waiting for the killer to return.  He left after I entered my house.  And I have no identifying information on him except that one of his daytime running lights was burned out.  Wanted you all to know that, just in case.  Small sedan, one light out.


I also received word that my mother in law will be coming to live with us.  Now I know this year is about to take a turn for the worst.  There's no words to describe what I'm feeling tonight.

Except, maybe that was her in the little car that was following me.  Ya never know.

Sigh, again.  Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Happy New Year.  It's just gotta get better than this.  It just has to.

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