Tuesday, January 29, 2013

driving in reverse

Day 3?

Met up with an old, old friend today.  I am still surprised that we were able to pull this off, but we did.

This is Sharon.  Sharon Radde.  A dear, dear, dear friend from... 3rd grade?  Well, elementary school anyway.  I last saw her in Jr. High, sans one other day the summer that I  had graduated high school.  I bumped into Sharon that stray day in June of 1975... and did not see her again until, well, today.

And what a day!  Sharon is delightful.  So is Sharon's 13 year old daughter, Gabby.  

And, you know what?  It doesn't matter if you last saw someone five years ago or fifteen years ago or, in our case, 38 years ago.  You really can just pick up where you left off.

So... we picked up where we left off!  Sharon and I are now back in jr. high, trying out white lipstick, teased hair, Levi's "cords", miniskirts and baby blue eye shadow.  I am 50 pounds lighter and a natural blonde.  And I am going ice skating again this weekend... in my size 7 ice skates with the tassels hanging from the lace ends.  I think I'll even hold hands with  Mark Maxim, again.  'Cuz I'm 13 again.  

And if I'm going to pick up where I left off... then I'm entitled.  

I'm sure I could still do a triple lutz if I tried.  

Not that I ever could.  But I did have tassels.


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