Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hot enough for ya?

Today was a beautiful, balmy 75 degrees.  My kind of day.  Maybe a tad chilly (stop laughing ...) but the light sweater I was carrying made me feel like I could survive the day.  The slight breeze whipped my ponytail around a bit but I knew that once the wind died down, I could redo my hair and carry on with my life.  No, really, I could make it.  If I couldn't, I did have a heater in my car that would activate with just the push of a button.
My dear friend Linda, in Maine, was busy dealing with a very similar situation.  She sent me an email and I was relieved that someone could understand how difficult the weather can be for me.  Yes, Linda would definitely understand.
Hey Kris,
This is what happened this morning, thought you might be envious of what a glamorous life I lead.
So this morning’s actual temp was -5*, winds blowing 25-30 mph… it is nippy out.  I am completely bundled up and go out to hay & water the horses.
 As I go to set the bucket of water into it's holder inside the shed, I was unaware that my glove got wet.  So I set the bucket down and take a step backwards.  Sadly I stepped onto a frozen baseball of horse poop.  As I fall backwards, my glove is frozen to the handle of the bucket.  I’m flopping around the stall floor like a flounder, because I am so bundled up I can’t bend.  EmmyLou (my horse) is so pleased to have gotten my knit hat off and has run across the corral with it.  And now Mini Pearl (my other horse) is walking over to me like a wolf that has just spotted a carcass.  I get up, try to peel my glove off of the metal bucket handle.  I hobble over to retrieve my hat, my ears are ringing from the cold, and realize my boogies have frozen to my face mask.
 My fingers are maroon, the tips are turning green, and trust me, this clashes with my tantalizing pink nail polish.  As I come back into the house, it dawns on me ... I forgot to put the hay in the feeder. Crap!
And how is your morning going?
Love & Miss you tons~
So, okay, it's a tad bit colder where Linda is than where I am... but you have to admit that the wind chill factor in Frisco is horrific, too.  Even though it was a beautiful, balmy 75 degrees here... it was a tad windy... and that brought the temperature down to about 73.  Too cold for my blood!
Linda emailed me tonight, too.  She said this...
It was cooler today.  Check out what I saw on Fox this morning.  And, do you have a room to rent out ???  (and space for goats?)
35 to 50 below in WARNING areas.  10 to 20 below in ADVISORY areas.
Heck, that's nuthin'.  We had snow here once.  On Christmas day ... It lasted a whole 12 hours!  So I know my weather!
And besides.  Linda wouldn't like it here ... too windy.

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