Thursday, January 24, 2013

A true friend

Now this is a true friend.  Patty wins for being a friend.  She fell for helped me out with my friends, Phil and Dorothy.  She complied.  Today's missive from Patty was this: 

I've sent all the money I could gather, but doubt it will be enough to help all three of you out, especially if you now need travel money for a trip to FL.   Sorry.   I suppose I could try breaking into my neighbor's homes to see if they have anything worth stealing and pawning.   Or I could sell my blood.

Have you heard more from either Phil or Dorothy?   I couldn't sleep last night for worrying about how they were doing.

Now... who wants to match Patty's donations?  I think I'll pass the hat around and see who's up for funding my Florida trip.

And, by the way, I'm headed out of town on Friday evening.  Yep, to Florida.  Elizabeth and I are driving to Orlando to deposit her in Walt Disney World ... where she'll live in a Disney dorm and attend the Disney University (seriously) and probably dine with Mickey, dress all Disney-ish and basically live out her Disney dream.  I expect it won't be long before she'll grow her own mouse ears, too.

So, about that money?  Please send.  Send it all.  I promise not to send it to Phil and Dorothy.  Instead I'll put it into my daughter's college fund.  No really, I will.  No really.


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