Sunday, January 27, 2013

So... where am I?

I'm not sure.

Yesterday, only four hours behind schedule, Elizabeth and I left for Florida. Yep, only four hours off schedule. Can we time things well or what?  Part of our delay happened when Elizabeth decided she wanted dinner at Chipotle just three blocks from our house. And I complied.

But soon we were on our way after having worked 8 hours (me) and running a million errands (not her). Yes, Elizabeth was home all day all packing and not getting her car serviced like she promised.

Sigh.  Off to Florida.  On a road trip in a car that really needed a "check up".


So the first part of our trip went smoothly... until Elizabeth decided she was going to "push through" and drive all 18 hours of the trip on the 1st day.

Around 10:00 I had HAD ENOUGH and got her to stop.  All it took was a temper tantrum, a screaming match and the proclamation that I would DIE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE if she went even a block further.  Potty stops were a ton o' fun, too... because it took everything I had to even get her to so much as slow down and let me savor the smells of the roadside rest area.  My legs remained crossed for three of the four hours of our drive the first night.  

But... we did finally stop ... in Shreveport, Louisiana.  And yes, I got to uncross my legs.   Yee Haw!

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