Friday, February 22, 2013


I was just scolded (I get scolded a lot) for not including a picture of Rick's gnarly arm yesterday.  Well, sorry, I didn't take one.  'Cuz I was afraid I'd get scolded if I had.

I did take this picture though. 

It was of Rick's breakfast.  Cheerios.  And an airplane spoon.  He said he couldn't find a real spoon.  At least that's what he said...
Personally, I think he just liked the bright colors.
I'll bet he even pushed the little yellow button to see if it still made that whirring noise.  I could've saved him the trouble, though.  I already know that it still does.  'Cuz, uh, there's just nothing like a good game of "Open the hangar!" when you're eating Cheerios.


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