Thursday, February 21, 2013

oh oh

I got a call from Rick early this morning... telling me that he'd had a spill... but he was okay.  I'm always happy to hear that he's okay.  I was especially glad to hear that, given that there is an impending surgery on the horizon.  We don't need anything getting in the way of that.  But he was okay so I quickly got back to work and forgot all about his little stumble.

Around 3:00, Rick called again saying that maybe I needed to take a look at his arm.  It was beginning to swell and maybe, just maybe, I would want to take him to Urgent Care.  I asked him a few pertinent questions... and decided that it could wait until I got home from work.  Then I would determine if he was indeed hurt or not.  And back to work I went.

And so ... I did eventually go home and wouldn't you know it?  Rick wasn't lying.  Nope, he sure wasn't.  I took one look at his arm and yanked him out the door and headed him to a local Urgent Care.  I didn't yank that hard, though.  I promise.

Just where I wanted to spend my evening?  Yep.  Thank Goodness he didn't want to go to the ER.  We'd still be sitting there... waiting... and waiting... and waiting.  Fortunately, we just had to wait.  A little bit.

Rick is fine.  His arm is huge and swollen and ugly.  Yep, real ugly.  But he's fine.  No breaks.  No fractures.  Just a hematoma contusion.  Big words meaning "big bump filled with lotsa blood." 

Yep, he's fine.  I, however, am exhausted.  Urgent Cares and ERs and hospitals and just about anything medical wears me out.  I think I'm about due for another trip to Hawaii.  Wouldn't you agree?  And yes, it's all about me.

Forget the upcoming surgery.  Rick can do it without me.  He's gonna be tucked away in a hospital for three days and then hidden away in a rehab center anyway so I think I'll just stay tucked away in Honolulu.  It's only fair.

And why not?  I'll be back in time to pick him up and bring him home.  I promise.  Heck, I might even send him a postcard or two from the big island.  Yeah, Rick would like that.  He likes postcards.  And he would want the best for me.  Yes, he would.

See y'all in June!  Yes, June.  I'm sure Rick would want me to really enjoy myself.  'Cuz this injury of his has been hard on me.  Yes, it has.


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