Monday, February 25, 2013

It's official...

... Rick's surgery will not take place tomorrow.  Yep.  Nope.
Rick didn't really want it to happen tomorrow.  He really doesn't want it to happen at all... if you ask him.  But he has no choice.  However, even though he has no choice, he is pretty excited that it won't be happening for another week or so. 
So...  we decided to celebrate tonight.  Rick was up for a good Italian dinner to honor him not going under the knife tomorrow.  And I'm always up for a good Italian dinner.  Or a Chinese dinner ... a Mexican dinner ... an American dinner ... a good steak dinner ... okay, so surgery or not, we ate dinner.  It's just that I was nice enough to let Rick pick.  See how wonderful I am?
Anyway, Rick picked an Italian meal for his "not the last supper" and we headed out to find him his favorite food of all time.
Know what it is?
Me, either.  It sure didn't look like what he ordered.

Meet Rick's Veal Parmigiana.  With some sort of stick sticking out of the side of it.
I feel like he didn't even need a knife and fork ... he could just eat it like a popsicle if he chose.  'Cept he didn't.  He used a couple of manners tonight and didn't pick it up and wave it around his head.  Like I would've.  No really.  It just lent itself to that.
So, back to the surgery... I'll be asking for prayer, lots of it.  Just not yet.  Or yet.  Please feel free to go ahead and start your engines.  We'll take your prayer now, then and always.  Yes indeed.
Just please don't pray for Rick to order this veal parmigiana stick meal again.  I can't stand looking at it.  

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