Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

This is getting plum ridiculous.  Plum.

On Saturday, Rick and I ate lunch at Dickey's BBQ and returned home in time for me to throw a baby shower for a church friend.  We'd brought home our drinks in yellow plastic 'to go' cups and carried them inside, planning to put the finishing touches on the house before the party.  I had a few more rooms to clean and straighten up. 

And somehow, MY yellow 'to go' diet coke made it into the house but Rick's did not.  When last seen, his was sitting on the front porch, waiting for me to unload all of my parcels and food containers, etc. and pick it back up and carry it inside.  I think I did that.  I think.  My drink made it in anyway and was placed on our kitchen table.  His drink, however, was nowhere to be seen.  Ever again.

All during the shower, I searched for his drink.  It made it home, I remember, but where it went after that remains a mystery.  However, not for lack of looking.  I checked in every crevice of my home.  I opened cabinets, looked under tables and still insist that Rick really drank it when I wasn't looking. 

And now, two days later, I still find myself looking for that missing 'to go' cup.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that I know where it went.  I'm convinced that the drink cup is keeping company with a bag of Cheddar Bay biscuits that we used as props on Sunday night in a church play.  Yes, I was entrusted with the bag of biscuits.  That was the first mistake. 

I carried them home intending for them to be used as a treat for my doggy, Midnight.  Midnight would've loved them.  However, Midnight never got them.  Those dang biscuits vanished just as quickly as Rick's drink did.  Sigh.

And life got even more fun when Rick spotted a small black sedan parked outside, in front of our house.  Remember the dude who followed me home not too long ago?  Well, we haven't forgotten and this black car gave us both a start.

We're okay, though, because we're pretty sure that all he wanted was a diet coke and a bag of dough.  And if that's where they both went?  He's welcome to them.


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