Thursday, February 28, 2013

the domino effect

So, we're eating dinner with an old friend of mine and her hubby.  An old, THIN friend who is a fitness instructor five days a week.  A FIT, TRIM old friend of mine.  I hate her.

Anyway, she orders pizza for all of us and I'm thinking this will be a good dinner.  Pizza always makes for a good dinner, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who.  Pizza always wins my heart.  And I'm excited when a skinny person eats pizza, yes I am.

HOWEVER... skinny friend orders a large pizza for all of us.  FOR ALL OF US.  ONE large pizza.  ONE.  There were FOUR adults eating dinner!

Twiggy takes one piece.  Kris takes one piece.  Kris felt funny taking two, so Kris only took one.  Rick took two.  Twiggy's hubby took two.  Eventually Twiggy's hubby took a 3rd and then my hubby didn't.  So, one little piece of pizza just sits there.  Alone.  BEGGING to be eaten by me.

But I could not take that last piece of pizza.  Just couldn't do it.  Not if Twigs only ate one...

I am so hungry.

I am so hungry.

I am so hungry.

What's for breakfast?


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