Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It was brought to my attention today that I never shared what my darling daughter is doing at Disney World...  Darn me.  I can be so forgetful.  (Sorry, Sally!)

Anyway... I waited and waited for this exciting announcement and it didn't come until I had already been home from Florida for three whole days.  Yep, I was in the dark as much as anyone and not liking it one bit.  But, eventually I did learn.

Elizabeth got her assignment of parks while I was there... she knew she'd be working at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  And I guess we were so taken by that news and so preoccupied with getting her moved in and getting food in her fridge and getting me a Coach purse... that it didn't weigh all that heavily on me.  We already knew that she'd be a ride operator, too.  That was promised to her early on due to all of her food allergies.  So, we just reveled in the fact that she was going to be working in a glorious park that had previously only been a dream for her.  We actually made the mistake of visiting the Magic Kingdom on the one day that we had free in Florida ... just assuming that that was the park that she'd be assigned to.  And we were wrong.  And once she got the word of her dream park, I so wanted to go back in time and visit that park with her.  One, because I wanted her to be comfortable in her new surroundings and two, because I have never been there!  (Actually number two is the most important reason.  But don't tell Liz that.)

I returned home on Wednesday night and returned to work on Thursday.  Liz had a mess of meetings and orientations to go to over the next couple of days so I still didn't get to learn of her assignment until Saturday.  And I only learned of it then because I threatened her life.

Elizabeth thought it would be oh-so-funny to make me guess what her assignment was.  And so she told all of Facebook first and her blog second.  I hated that.

But eventually I did get to know.  And I'm gonna make you all guess, too!  *  Just kiddin'.

Elizabeth was assigned to a ride that she was thrilled to be assigned to.  Beyond thrilled, actually.  She is now a ride operator on "Toy Story Mania" in the Midway of Disney's Hollywood Studios.  A ride she claims is the most popular ride... excuse me.... attraction... in her entire park.  And... the second most popular ride in all of Walt Disney World.  A ride, I mean attraction, that always has a 70 minute wait time and one where the fast pass sells out by noon each day.

And a ride that she will love because she has lots of time to spend with and chat with the folks in line.  Yes, Liz will love that.  She already does.

Now if I could just figure out when she works.  So far she's visited the Magic Kingdom repeatedly and her own park equally as much.  Today she was slated to be at work early but her GPS showed her at EPCOT. 

Hmmmmm.   GPS.  Good thing?  Yes.  Unless you think your daughter's at work and she's not.  Then it's a bad thing.   Good thing she has a job.  Paying for all of these parks would kill us.


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